Scotch O Clock Discussing What Entrepreneurs Need To Know for Buying and Selling a Business

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Hey Guys,

This week we discussed The Most Important Factors Entrepreneurs need to Know for Buying & Selling a Successful Business.

We have worked with alot of successful entrepreneurs on advising them on the buying and selling process of a business.

We thought due to this popular topic we would discuss in detail the key points you need to know to help you in buying or selling a business.

Featured Whiskey: Tom Martin 2004. 

Topic Covered: What You Need to Know for Buying and Selling a Business 

Tune in for Scotch O Clock Episode 47 by Clicking on the video below:


Scotch Intro: 0:45
Topic of Scotch O Clock: What You Need to Know for Buying and Selling a Business: 1:40
Scotch Recommendations: 1:40
Key Factors to consider when Selling a Business: 2:58
– Planning
Business Advisor in Business and How it Can Help: 6:45
Whiskey Tasting: 10:24
Further Factors You Need to Know for Selling a Business: 11:11
– Good Analysis
– Planning
– Ask Questions
Key Points to Consider when Buying a Business: 14:00
Scotch O Clock Summary 21:52

We Hope you enjoy this Episode guys and remember to please comment and share this video to help those in business.


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