Over the past 8 years Alderton Financial have been instrumental in providing a wide range of services to my various businesses. These have not only included basic bookkeeping and payroll services but assistance with the acquisition and disposal of a number of businesses over that time.

Chris, Frank and the team at Alderton Financial have provided knowledgeable advice on a range of issues from the analytical, Profit & Loss, Cash Flow, to Industrial Relations and other strategic matters that have proved of great assistance to the management and growth of our businesses.

More importantly Chris and Frank have demonstrated a unique ability to understand the fundamentals and metrics that drive our businesses. As such they have been a great sounding board assisting in creating the efficient management of these businesses.

In addition they have never hesitated to jump in and assist with the day to day running of the business when we or our staff have been absent. This alone is an invaluable service. They are in effect our outsourced CFO and always have our best interest at heart.

Tom Martin

Director, East Peth IGA & Parkerville Tavern

Since 2010 Alderton Financial have provided our company with ongoing services in relation to Financial Accounting, Income Tax and Business Advisory and Planning. 

With the help of Chris and Frank and their team we have not looked back, we are kept abreast of any changes in accounting tax and superannuation and our resulting commercial obligations towards these.

Chris, Frank and their team have consistently proved to be extremely honest, knowledgeable, prompt and conscientious. At all times they act with upmost integrity and professionalism that is expected of a people who are dealing with others futures and livelihoods. Always contactable they put things in terms that we understand. Their professional advice and services has seen our business grow enormously during this time. Their help has seen us achieve our business and personal goals quickly and successfully.

Alderton Financial understand how our business (and our industry at large) work from a grass roots level and use their extensive knowledge to understand not only the day to day running of our business, but also to navigate the difficult and complex situations such as acquiring business property, new employment and I.R. contracts, preparation of financial reports and business reviews as well as tailoring our Sales and Marketing Plan. They are always familiar with our changing circumstances to ensure that our business is structured to fully maximise our tax benefits whilst remaining fully compliant with A.T.O. at all times.

It cannot be understated how much Alderton Financial have used their extensive business acumen as well as commercial l initiative to grow our business. They have care taken our business while we have gone on leave and looked after it as if it was their own, always having Consummo Painting's best interest at heart. As such the outstanding service and advice has seen us remain as loyal clients who actively endorse and recommend Alderton Financial.

Adam Kukulj

Managing Director, Consummo Painting Pty Ltd.

Alderton Financial have been providing bookkeeping services to my company since 2010. During this period their services have varied greatly from basic bookkeeping to strategic advice and assisting with the growth and development of my business.

Chris, Frank and the team at Alderton Financial have been there 24/7 when needed and have on several occasions taken on an operational and Management role during my absence which included scheduling, management of daily accounting and reporting issues, and administering daily service delivery systems.  Over the years of dealing with Alderton Financial they have built up a detailed understanding of my business dynamics and accounting requirements.  

As with any small business, cash flow is essential.  The accounting team recognised and reacted to a growing debtor problem with a high degree of expediency and professionalism resulting in our debtors being reduced in excess of 50%.

With their assistance and their depth of knowledge on wide ranging accounting and strategic business issues they have been instrumental in working alongside us to double the size of our business over the past few years.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Alderton Financial to any business.

Peter Wishaw

Director, Leak Tec Pty Ltd T/A Leaky Pete
A huge thank you to each and every member of the Alderton Financial team. Not only do you gals and guys supply a wealth (pun intended) of knowledge in the financial sector, but you execute with a level of professionalism truly unmatched in the industry. And as if that wasn't enough, you make myself and my company Nufit feel like family, which in small business is truly invaluable. Thanks so much for everything you do! Here's to another incredible financial year!

Cameron Wild

Director, Nufit