Scotch O Clock ft Alderton Financial Discussing Branding & Values

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Hey Guys,

This week on Scotch O Clock we talked all about Branding and how It can Help you in your Business.

Chris & Frank From Alderton Financial have built up Alderton Financial through their family values in Business, by helping clients, staff and reflecting their brand throughout.

Featured Whiskey: McCallan 

Business Topic Covered: In this episode we discuss the importance of Branding & Values in Business and How you can implement this into your business.


Scotch Intro: 0:45
Business Topic Intro – Branding & Values: 1:36
Branding discussed: 3:45
Purpose in Business: 7:00
How much time should be spent on Branding in Business: 9:10
Values in Business: 13:00
Developing your Business: 16:00
Summary of Branding in Business: 16:00

We Hope you enjoy this Episode guys and remember to please comment and share this video to help those in regards to their Branding & Values in Business.

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