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Hey Guys,

This Week on Scotch o Clock episode we were joined by David Clarke.

David Clarke from Chase Group Insurance Solutions is a Specialist Insurance Broker, arranging insurances for many businesses. David’s focus is on a client group that values sound advice from a Broker that truly understands their business.

Featured Whiskey: The Arran Malt.

Business Topic Covered: In this episode we discuss Risk Analysis and why it is so important to focus on implementing Risk Strategies in Your Business.

Scotch O’Clock – Episode 33 Featuring David Clarke.


Featured Guest Intro: 0:10
Scotch intro: 0:45
Whiskey Tasting: 2:00
Risk Intro Topic: 3:20
Risk Management: 7:00
Asset Protection: 9:20
Political Risk: 16:00
Cyber Protection: 17:00
Insurance Strategies: 18:00

We Hope you enjoy this Episode guys and remember to please comment and share this video to reach those who are seeking advice on implementing a Risk Strategy in their business and the benefits in doing so.

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