I will happily work 100 hours a week for my business, but sometimes, you need to try and beat your mates at golf…. unsuccessfully… You win this time Simone Sichel….. this time…

It is good to finally see some positive signs in the WA economy with ABS figures indicating that the states domestic economy grew by .2% during the June quarter. Whilst this may appear to be very small it is significant in that we have been in negative territory for the past four years. When we

What does expansion look like for you and how far ahead are you planning? Expansion provide some very strategic benefits when done correctly, not just from the viewpoint of bigger business + more client + more revenue but in relation to the fact that there are many incentives that you can take advantage of if

You don’t have to use ‘sales tricks’ to manipulate sales situations, you only need to properly asses who you’re working with and ensure they’re the right fit. Of course, we can help people understand the areas that they don’t in order to show them why they need to work with us but sales is easy

This is a subject not often talked about but great leaders are often those with equally great vision. As a current example we could look at President Trump who overcame significant difficulties to become President based on a clearly defined vision for his country. Similar things can be said of President Macron of France and

What is lost opportunity cost?

As business owners we are presented with various opportunities on almost a daily basis. Some of these will be unsuitable to our business model and some will be worth investigating and may ultimately turn into profitable ventures. The important issue when looking at any such opportunity is that we recognise that there is a real