The apparent US-China trade war is not necessarily new but something that has been growing for some time. We believe that this may get worse before it gets better and as many economists are suggesting could have a negative impact of up to .5% on our GDP. There are a couple of reasons behind this

Are Your Casual Employees Really Casual?

Whilst there has been much talk about an increase in the casualisation of the Australian Workforce the actual rate of casual employment has remained steady at 24%-25%, according to data from The Australian Bureau of Statistics. Importantly there is no definition of casual employment in current awards or agreements. In the broad sense a casual

Super… Is it Good or Bad?

There has been some interesting articles recently, particularly by The Australian columnist Adam Creighton who has argued for changes to the compulsory superannuation system to make it a voluntary system. In these circumstances an employ could elect to take the equivalent of the current 9.5% levy as salary or part thereof and make voluntary contribution

  After yesterdays team meetings it’s critical that I ensure everything starts moving along as promised. Anyone in business needs to ALWAYS make sure they’re living up to their word whether it’s about setting rules or delivering on a promise to a team member, supplier, client or the like. A drop in credibility or integrity

Your Team Have the Answer to the Success of Your Business | Let’s Be Frank | Ep 06 Without a team of skilled, motivated and dedicated people, the success of our business is hindered but not only that, you may have that exact team but still be hindering your own business success. Why? Because despite

It is somewhat heartening to note that in spite of the ructions in Canberra our new Prime Minister in his address yesterday signalled out small to medium business as the engine room to growth. The new Prime Minister has indicated that “a new and exciting tax policy for small and medium sized business” was being